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7 Things to Avoid While Getting Your Hair Coloured

7 Things to Avoid While Getting Your Hair Coloured
Every time we do something different, we usually have a checklist, a checklist of things we should do and not do.

Why not make such a list when getting your hair coloured? 

So first, let’s look at the things we should avoid :


1. Expecting ‘Exact’ Box Results:

The model on the box has a particular kind of hair, a particular kind of skin tone and accordingly, has a particular kind of hair colour! How can you expect to have the same kind of results? The outcome may differ from how it looks on the box, so be extremely careful while picking up your colour!


2. Applying to the Scalp:

Unless the objective of applying the hair colour is to cover up greys or to do a touch up, avoid applying the colour to your scalp! Tip – Keep a distance of about an inch from the scalp.


3. Using a Conditioner During Wash, Prior Colouring:

Washing your hair before colouring is acceptable, but what is not, is conditioning it! The conditioner will make the hair extra silky, which may lead to uneven colouring.


4. Keeping the Hair Colour for Too Long:

This is an absolute no-no. You should keep the hair colour only for as long as the product suggests.
Tip – In most cases, home hair colour is supposed to be kept for only 25-30 minutes, as in the case of Godrej Nupur Coconut Henna Crème.


5. Applying all the Dye at Once:

A mistake made very often, all the dye must never be used at once. If used so, the colour may end up looking inky! Apply to the areas, which you want to keep darker first, and towards the end the lighter areas can be touched upon.


6. Choosing a Shade that Doesn’t Match your Skin Tone:

Experimenting is great, but hair colouring is serious business and you don’t want to mess things up! It is extremely crucial to keep in mind your skin tone while picking a hair colour.


7. Washing Hair after Colouring:

Water and Colour is not a good combination. It is suggested that one does not wash their hair for upto 48 hours after colouring. This allows the colour to properly set in and for the natural oils to build up again.

These are most of the things one needs to keep in mind while getting their hair coloured, but if you have amazing tips of your own, do write to us on our Facebook page or tweet to us on Twitter.

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