Brand History

Nupur henna was launched in November 2003 positioned as the "purest quality Rajasthani henna". Extensive research went into the product. Prior to launch, Godrej Consumer Products discovered that henna from Rajasthan gave the best colour and quality. Early on, the company had realised that people see henna as something that nourishes and colours their hair. Also, people mixed various ingredients to get the right colour. With that in mind, Godrej Consumer Products added herbs including 'Goosberry (Amla)' and 'Bacopa (Brahmi)' & 'Bhringraj' to Nupur.

For its part, the company wanted the product to be a traditional one. Hence it chose the name accordingly. The name 'Nupur' means 'Anklet' and in the larger context stood for celebration, feminity and Indianness. It also wanted to pick a name that appealed to all communities of the country. There was no question of picking an English name; besides Nupur was easy to pronounce.

Another crucial milestone was re-launch of Godrej Nupur in June 2009 in a brand new pack. It now comes enhanced with the essence of 9 carefully chosen natural herbs which are valued for their hair care benefits. These ingredients have been added in perfect proportions to give your hair fabulous shiny & silky feel that you desire every single day.